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ZNZ BigCash Review: Is ZNZ BigCash a Scam?

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

ZNZ stands for Zip Nada Zilch, and the idea is that you pay absolutely nothing and get a free gift of your choice. Of course, that sounds too good to be true, and when things sound that great, they usually have some kind of snag. ZNZ BigCash reviews are hard to find, probably because ZNZ BigCash is watching out for themselves to ensure that nobody makes it obvious that the ZNZ BigCash scam is an idea that many people are using. Maybe it’s not a scam, exactly, but the end result is the same for the users.

ZNZ BigCash works like this: 1. You sign up with them, 2. You complete “free” offers, 3. You refer friends, and 4. You get enough credits to earn gifts. Let’s go through these step-by-step, using the example of a free iPad.

  1. They say that signing up with them is totally free and that they will never send you emails you don’t want to receive, nor will they give or sell your email address to anyone else. That’s because you will be the one giving out your email address and signing up for offers that almost always involve some payment.
  2. Those “free” offers can get expensive. Most sites that allow you to complete free offers for free gifts are really giving you a chance to sign up for something you don’t want or need, that you will end up paying for. If you’re careful, you can only sign up for things that will cost very little, so that in the end you get that free iPad for $200 instead of the $500 it would cost if you buy it from Apple. But that takes a lot of time, because you have to get to a certain status within each offer before you get credit for completing the offer. Sometimes, you are required to complete an offer that will cost you a lot more than the price of buying the iPad.
  3. Referring friends, the hardest part. And if you can’t get any of your friends to sign up and complete offers, too bad, you’re still signed up for all kinds of offers that you have to remember to cancel, or you’ll pay monthly fees.
  4. Let’s say you do spend all the time and money on “free” offers and you get enough friends to sign up and complete their offers to warrant giving you a free iPad. Yes, they’ll give it to you, but the cost has turned out to be very high.

ZNZ BigCash is like a lot of these free iPad, free this, free that sites. They are not operating a scam, because in the end you can get an iPad that you don’t pay for directly. But most of the time, if you complete the ZNZ BigCash requirements, you’ll have spent more money and wasted an incredible amount of time.

The important thing that this ZNZ BigCash review wants you to take home is the fact that you’re better off saving money to get an iPad. All those offers will require that you give an email address, possibly your credit card number, and sign up for a month of free service. Once that month runs out, you’ll be paying monthly fees. And all those companies don’t say anything about keeping your email address private, so expect to be spammed forever.

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