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ZNZ One: Martin Wilson Daily Income Career Network Review

Friday, January 13th, 2012

Like most get-rich-by-sitting-at-home schemes, the Martin Wilson daily income career network scam plays to the fact that what you do is your own problem. ZNZ One is much like ZNZ BigCash, they both offer a way to make money or obtain free products by completing “free” offers from third parties. These third parties are companies who pay Martin Wilson to essentially advertise their services or products on his website.

Think of it this way, if you were browsing a website, Facebook, a blog, or a newspaper website, and an advertisement for a free issue of a magazine you are not interested in pops up, do you sign up for a subscription? Probably not. Some people do sign up, otherwise advertising in that way wouldn’t be worthwhile, but only because they want the magazine in the first place. You know that if you sign up for that free issue, you’ll pay for the rest of the subscription. Maybe you want it, maybe you don’t.

The Truth about the program

A thorough Martin Wilson daily income career network review will show that these websites are essentially the same thing, but with the added incentive of a free gadget or money in return. The problem is, you won’t sign up for just one magazine subscription, you’ll sign up for credit card offers, credit report services, children’s book subscriptions, DVD and book clubs, and all sorts of other things that you do not want or need before you get that free iPad or cash back reward.

The first thing that Martin Wilson tells you to do on the ZNZ One website is to remove your pop-up blocker or download Firefox. While Firefox is a perfectly respectable internet browser, it is also downloaded with the default of allowing pop-ups. This should be a hint about the way this will work. You are going to see a lot of ads, and to get you free money, you’ll first have to spend money and sign up for all kinds of things.

How much will you lose to get a “free” item

Near the end, there will probably be a “free” offer that will cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If it was possible to simply stay organized, write down all the expiration dates for free gifts and then quit the clubs before you move into the monthly payment stage, perhaps you could get something back for spending somewhere between $100 and $200 dollars. If the reward is worth a lot more than that, you’re still getting a deal. However, it’s possible that one of the required offers will be more expensive than the product you want to earn! And by that time, you’ll realize you should have just saved your money.

But you will have already signed up for a bunch of offers, and you’ll have spent the money on those things, even if it’s just shipping and handling or two for the price of one, and you still have to clean up the mess. The mess in your inbox will never be cleaned up, however, because while the ZNZ One Martin Wilson daily income career network scam will not spam your email address, every one of the offers you complete will.

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  1. LYNN TYLER says:

    THE ZNZ ONE,Martin Wilson daily income career network scam will not spam your email address, every one of the offers you complete will.
    DOES THIS mean you will still be rilable for a fee on items or services that you signed up for and then keep tract of say a 30 day trial period to cancel out if you dont do it on time?

    • Brent Richard says:

      The site used by Martin to drag you in the ZNZ big cash process is collecting email addresses. That means you might end up being spammed. As far as tracking all the trial offers this is pretty hard. What if ZNZ big cash tells you to sign up for a credit card? Applying for credit cards hurt your credit score with banks and there is no real way to recover from that.

  2. LYNN TYLER says:

    I DIDN’T SEE ANYTHING THEY WANTED FROM YOUR CREDIT CARD, HOW EVER IN THE BEGINNING Martin Wilson says he will send you a check to cover the $10.00 fees that some companies asked for to get the credit , then at the end Martin asks for a slight donation for his web site , so isn’t this contradicting

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